With 2020 around the corner, the Washington, D.C. chapter of Girls in Tech (GIT, D.C.) is working to expand and extend its programs for the coming year. Under the direction of co-managing directors Baan Alsinawi and Catherine Avon, the chapter is making a commitment to focus on five tracks for the empowerment of women of all ages who are aligned with the tech industry.

“We are thrilled to be working among some of the best and brightest women in the Capitol region,” said Co-Managing Director Catherine Avon. “Our focus for the coming year and beyond will enable us to support, mentor and foster comradery among women of all ages in tech.  Our tracks offer something for everyone whether it’s advancing their careers or their skillsets.”

The five focal tracks for GIT, D.C. include:

 The Empowerment Track develops lectures and workshops designed to lift and amplify women’s personal and professional growth by tackling the barriers  professional women routinely face with practical expert advice and solutions. Representative topics may include: addressing power dynamics in teams; strategies for building risk-taking and negotiation skills; developing a support network; knowing your worth; strengthening creativity and problem-solving; and lifting others in service.

 The DC Fundamentals Track provides members with a broader regional perspective on the technology trends and changes that are shaping the District of Columbia/Maryland/Virginia region especially with regard to career development. With ongoing input from our community, our events identify and offer context on the innovation, employer, and talent shifts within the DC technology ecosystem.

The Bootcamp and Special Interest Group Track enables members to develop specific skills in intensive “bootcamp” style workshops, and to pursue topical projects with other members of a specific shared interest enabling growth and support for goal achievement.

The Mentorship Track focuses on the education and empowerment of women in technology and entrepreneurship. Offered for university and professional women, the goal of the program is to identify and solve the obstacles keeping mentees from achieving their professional goals. As a result, the program is customized to each participant and her goals. Although, men are more than welcome to participate as mentors.

The Community Impact Track facilitates collaboration of local talent to solve community problems in the DC region. Projects’ objectives are to offer members’ effective innovation, creativity, design, and practical implementation to serve others.  GIT’s Hackathon for Humanity will be a key component of this track.

 The chapter encourages all women in tech to become a member of the Washington, D.C. chapter by clicking on this link.