CoStar Group

CoStar Group, headquartered in downtown D.C. is doing a BIG hiring push in preparation for its company-wide growth initiatives and is specifically looking to hire women. The technical lead for CoStar Group, Jason Kleban, is looking for multiple candidates with strong foundations in programming and problem solving, and a track-record of innovative contributions with two to three years of relevant experience. Folks applying for this position should be familiar with Typescript with React on express/node, AWS cloud stuff, and some C# and SQL.
Jasonbs peers and his greater department are also hiring for individual contributor technical positions and technical managers in the above areas as well as in iOS, Android, primarily C#/.NET, DevOps, QA/Test, Automation, DBAs, and Networking.
According to Jason, CoStar offers attractive compensation packages, a progressive and professional work environment, excellent work-life balance, and tons of opportunities for advancement. Explore/apply on (which unfortunately doesnbt list all of its open spots/roles) or email him (for any team) at [email protected] and hebll get the ball rolling!

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