Breaking into Cybersecurity & Career Paths in Cybersecurity

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  • Posted: December 10, 2015

The “Breaking into Cybersecurity & Career Paths in Cybersecurity” event was held November 10th and featured a presentation by Andreae Pohlman with contributions by Mandy Sumey. Both ladies have extensive background and experience in navigating a cybersecurity career. Andreae Pohlman is a Microsoft Identity and Security Consultant and has a background filled with military and public sector positions focusing on technology and security. Mandy Sumey is a Security Intelligence Analyst at IBM’s Managed Security Services and she has past security experience at the Department of State and Homeland Security.

The presentation covered the importance of cybersecurity in everyday life, the demand and supply for cybersecurity job positions (including the female deficit in these positions) and the different career options available within the cybersecurity industry.


 Andreae sharing available resources for women interested in starting a cybersecurity career and ways to get more involved in cybersecurity activities and meetups.

Did you know?

According to EC-Council, demand is up for qualified cyber security experts, and is expected to only increase in the coming years. Until more women choose education options that prepare them for a career in cyber security, supply isn’t high enough to meet rising demand.


Image Credit: EC-Council

With rising demand and a dearth of supply, that translates to higher salaries for cyber security experts!


Image Credit: EC-Council

Furthermore, companies in the cyber industry are starting to show an interest in recruiting more women to join their ranks. An (ISC)2 and Booz Allen report that found the number of women in the cybersecurity field has remained static at 10% worldwide. The gap between young women’s interest in the field versus men’s interest in the field is five times wider than a year ago. According to Women’s Cyberjutsu, the cyber security gender gap is more apparent than the gap in the IT industry as a whole.


Image Credit: Women’s Cyberjutsu

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to listen to this session! We hope you were able to take away something new you didn’t know before about Cybersecurity and we encourage you to follow up with any comments or questions about this workshop at